Projekt Beschreibung

With the new building of the Helmholtz Institute at the Ulm science location, a nationwide unique center of excellence for electrochemical energy storage has emerged as a further component of the Science Park on the Upper Eselsberg. The existing green corridor continues between the future buildings across Helmholtzstrasse. The new research and laboratory building takes up the slope of Helmholtzstraße, to which a generous incision forms the main entrance and thus refers to the opposite part of the Science Park.

The extension of the green corridor and the alignment of the new building link the two campus areas separated by Helmholtzstrasse. The characteristic facade design of the institute refers to the topics of chemistry and physics. In the homogeneous outer facade level made of perforated sheet metal elements, an exciting pattern of optical interference is created by perforations of different sizes. The interplay of different perforations and variable sun and glare protection give the HIU a high recognition value and its own identity.